The Secret Life of ME

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Long time no posting!! I went to homecoming and formal with A.F.! We've been dating for a long time. yay!! in your face chris!! HA! I mean.... i never said that. anyway finals are coming up. scary!! Well hugs to all lyl!!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hey so homecoming was last night! i had such a blast! Remember Lady Marmalade???? lol. Remember your dad runnin away!!! Tickets: $60. Outfit: $100. Dad running: PRICELESS!. I had the best time at the dace!! WOW. If you want the gorey details well, hah!! They're not here!! You can ask me bout em, but you may not recieve them. ha ha. I wore a mini! OMG Josh almost DIED!! He shoulda seen me in cheerleading!!! lol. My God, he shoulda seen me rollin in the snow in the bimbo outfit!! lol. Anywhooo.... lol. Thankyou Mr. Columbus for closing school for tomorrow!!! Yahoo!!! Remember to dance!! TTYL!!! THAT'S ALL FOR NOW!! HUGS!! Muah!

Homecoming was last night!!! The theme was disco!!! I wore a mini skirt. AHHHH!!! RUN AWAY!!!!! The dance was AWESOME!!! If you want the gorey details well, hah!! They're not here!! One of you will understand this, remember your dad inching up in his car? "WE SEE YOU!!" and the car sppeds off!! lol. 2 tickets to homecoming: $60. Strange outfit: $100. Seeing your dad run away spotted: PRICELESS!!! Josh nearly screamed when he saw me in a mini! WOW, he shoulda seen me as a cheerleader!!! **Me and a friend made snow angels. He, LUCKY BEEP, had pants and a teeshirt on. I had my bimbo outfit. It wasn't even cold!!! Well it was untill I started laughing so hard I could barely breathe!!** NEWHOO. Back away from flashbacks. Life is good. We didn't smack Miss Liss, so we're all doin okay. lol. I had such a great time at the dance. WOW. lol. If you want the gorey details well, hah!! They're not here!! You may ask for them, but... I may not give them to ya!! HAH!! lol. HUGS TO ALL!! Frenchie Greeting>>>>muah muah!! ttyl!! HUG!

Friday, October 08, 2004

I have discovered generic brand Miracle Cream. The mintiness.. IT BURNS!!!! The Homecoming Game was tonight, or I should say is. Nobody's home yet!!!I wanted to go, but I decided to be LAZY!! SO worth it!! I'll cheer them on from here. GO GIANTS!! Hey so anyway I am going to look like SUCH a BIMBO tomorrow night. The Homecoming Dance is tomorrow night OMG!!! I get to have my picture taken. CAMERA + CAMERAPHOBE= MAKEUP OVERLOAD!!!!! I can't wait to see Miss Liss's Go-Go Boots!! Disco Rules!!! Everybody DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and listen to country. I will NEVER be a cheerleader... again.. lol!!! HUGS!!!!!!
P.S. I am SO happy for j and joan lennon. THINK DECADES DAY!!

Friday, September 03, 2004

September 3rd, 2004

OMG!! I haven't updated this in like FOREVER!! Hey peeps, guess what? I'm single. The clouds have lifted from my skies and the sun is shining warm on my face. I'm heading off to my dad's!! I won't be able to update for a while. TTYL!! T-I- double guh- R!!! TTFN tata for now. The wonderfullest thing about tiggers, tiggers a wonderful thing their bottoms are made out of rubber their tops are made out of springs they're bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN! The wonderfullest thing about tiggers is IIIIIII'M the only one!! I have a new site too!! I'll write soon!!

Monday, August 02, 2004

Hey peeps!! I went to the Rennacence Faire yesterday. It was amazing!! Everyone was dressed in costume and the queen was beautiful. The jousting was spectactular! The knight I was routing for won!! He wore blue and red. Anyway. The people who worked the faire were mostly faking an English accent. They weren't very good. It was funny. I made a "wax hand." First you soak your hand in ice water, then you dip it in HOT wax. Once that is finished you get your hand chopped off and its done. Cool huh? Well I just washed my puppy so I have to dry her. OH! I couldn't find the elephant ears!! DARN!!! lol. ttfn.HUG!

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Hey peeps! What've you been up to? It's SATURDAY!!!!! I'm going to the Rennacance Fair on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. I love it! There's all kinds of medievil sports and stuff!! I'll be the wierdo shoveling in the elephant-ears in the costume!! I'm going to buy like 5 outfits. Okay you caught me. I was being a drama queen. Only one. lol. ttfn hugs!

Friday, July 30, 2004

Hello. Welcome to my new site. My friend J2 told me this was easier to edit than my tripod site, but i'll keep trying with that one too. There's music there!! Also i have a poetry site. Here are the links to them both. and HUGS!! Jeremy has been really lonely. He's my bf (and I don't mean best friend). He really wants to spend every waking moment with me. I checked my caller ID and he had called 5 times. That was only today!! I don't really understand. Maybe its just not meant to be. Maybe I'm like what my friend Melissa has been so much, not ready. I don't know. It makes me sick to think Jeremy has given up on the rest of his life to wait around for me ( that's what his mom says he does). I love to spend time with him but, not every second of the day. I'm not sure. I don't like complaining like this but hey, it helps. I'll try to give some cheery entries later. HUGS!!
ttfn ta ta for now!